Covid-19 Policy

September 29, 2020

Woodlawn Inn policies re Covid-19

It's our aim to follow and where possible, exceed health and safety requirements set forth by all levels of government during the Covid-19 State of Emergency. We expect policies to change in the future so please check back here for the most curr here below are the current policies we are following. 

  1. The Woodlawn Inn Covid-19 safety protocols shall be in effect until December 31, 2021

  2. The Woodlawn Inn will accommodate dining groups of up to 6 guests.

  3. Group accommodation room holds will not be available

  4. When visitors arrive at the inn, we will undertake a Covid-19 assessment using based on HKPR's current checklist. A copy of that checklist can be viewed here!AlFTI2G4_0bHha96g2ryte0BRcjWjA?e=s9QxCm

  5. We have dining capacity for up to  42 guests. The maximum allowable at a table is 6 guests

  6. Senior managers will be present and checking to ensure adherence to protocols.

  7. Food is scrutinized for safety, discarding expired or otherwise unfit products.

  8. We will wash, rinse, and sanitize all food contact surfaces frequently at the beginning and throughout service. Clean and disinfect all non-food contact surfaces, including high touch areas such as door handles and equipment knobs.

  9. We will ensure that our hand washing stations are adequately supplied and functional.

  10. We have completed an authorized pest management inspection and will check thoroughly for signs of pest activity.

  11. We will clean, sanitize, and ensure all hot and cold holding facilities/equipment are functional.

  12. We will ensure dishwashing machines are functioning adequately.

  13. Ensure adequate amounts of sanitizers and detergents are available for manual dishwashing.

  14. Ensure waste storage areas are clean and of adequate size for the needs.

  15. We will clean and disinfect washrooms with specific staff, and ensure adequate supplies are available.

  16. We will check to make sure faucets are working properly and flush pipes for at least five minutes upon opening.

  17. We will train staff on new procedures/requirements.

  18. We will monitor for Staff Physical distancing by keeping a two-meter/six-foot distance from both staff and customers and if not possible, wear a mask. Wear a face mask or cover when in an enclosed, public setting. Wear a mask when serving guests in the hotel or dining areas. 

  19. We wash hands often and avoid touching the face with unwashed hands.

  20. Cough or sneeze into your elbow.

  21. The Woodlawn Inn will keep logs of the name and contact information for customers and staff, with date, check-in and check-out times. Enter Guests Names, Tel & Email into OpenTable. And Staff attendance to be recorded by TouchBistro POS

  22. If there is a case of COVID-19 who was contagious while at the restaurant, public health will use that list to notify the guests and staff.

  23. No combining tables or moving chairs

  24. Remove waiting area seating, in the lounge

  25. We will ensure that chairs are away from high traffic areas.

  26. We have endeavored to eliminate unnecessary contact between customers and staff

    1. We will have visible numbers on tables and ask customers to seat themselves.

    2. Reduce the time staff spends within two-meter/six feet of customers).

    3. Record the name and contact information for each reservation, with the arrival and departure time and date, which can be used by public health in the event contact tracing is required

  27. Two-person indoors to visit the reception desk at a time.

  28. After washroom use, Washrooms will be sanitized by a non-food handling staff.

  29. The kitchen staff will be wearing masks. Rearrange equipment and/or processes in the kitchen and other areas used by staff so that a two-meter/six-foot distance is achievable at all times. If not feasible, staff must wear masks.

  30. Reception staff and front line staff to wear masks

  31. Customers wear a mask to enter the building. We can provide a mask at a nominal cost

  32. Payment by Debit or Credit, No cash, Gift certificates must be brought in a clear plastic baggie.

  33. Menus available at, or a single-use paper menu can be provided

  34. Tables will not be pre-set, no salt and pepper shakers, single-use condiments, paper napkins. Cutlery will be brought to the table in our mise-en-place fashion table will be set just prior to guests sitting down. The table setup will have cutlery and a disposable napkin on it.

  35. Staff will serve guests with a non-medical mask as keeping a 6ft distance from each other will not be guaranteed.

  36. Tables will be sanitized by the server after guests have left. Ecolab Covid-19 Specific Foodservice cleaner product is applied and left to sit for 5 minutes before being wiped dry.

  37. Clients may come in to use the washrooms, 1 client at a time, upstairs washroom off the lobby.

  38. Guest Washroom to be cleaned after every visit by nonfood service and handling staff.

  39. Signs for Staff and Guests will be posted to communicate our policies on:

    1. Handwashing

    2. Physical distancing

    3. Reporting symptoms

  40. The Woodlawn management and supervisors will screen staff for signs of Covid-19. Staff showing signs of Covid-19 will not be permitted to work.

  41. Staff are required to call into the inn and mention any signs of COVID-1

  42. Train staff on how best to serve food

  43. Install directional arrows to direct employees and minimize direct contact.

  44. Staff Practice physical distancing during breaks.

  45. Assign staff to specific tasks and minimize contact between them

  46. Ensure staff has access to masks.

  47. Train staff in the proper use of masks.

  48. Gloves will not be used. Frequent hand washing will be taken. Encourage frequent handwashing using the correct technique, and to avoid touching the face.

  49. All staff login and out on our POS, in case it is required for contact tracing by public health.

  50. Maintain safe physical distancing and avoid unnecessary handling

    1. e.g. serve to the front of the table and let customers distribute, avoid handling coffee cups when refilling, let customers fill/pack leftovers in containers).

    2. Cleaning high use touchpoints and objects (e.g. food contact surfaces, hand contact areas, door handles, switches, tabletops, chairs, restrooms, taps, utensils, and dispensers).

    3. Cleaning shared equipment such as credit card machines

    4. Using Ecolab Food Certified, Covid-19 compliant cleaners and hand wash cleaners

    5. Clean the inn daily before opening.

  51. Ensure customers are physically distancing while waiting; have them wait outdoors when necessary.

  52. Ensure that customers do not impinge on the space of diners on the patio.

  53. Customers who exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 should be refused entry.

  54. Display posters telling customers if they have symptoms they cannot enter.

  55. All customers must be seated; service to standing customers (e.g. in bar areas) is prohibited.

  56. Make sure that tables are cleaned and sanitized at least daily and between sittings.

  57. Maintain cleaning and sanitation logs.

  58. Consider opening doors and/or windows to increase ventilation.

  59. Music will be turned down as loud music causes diners to lean towards each other and raise their voices or shout, thus increasing the risk of transmitting the virus.

  60. No dancing or singing may be permitted in the outdoor dining areas.

  61. Assist HKPR Health Unit in tracing contacts of COVID-19 cases.

  62. Demarcate floor with markers for any areas where a line-up may occur.

  63. Mark the direction of travel to designate entrances and exits, pick up areas and washrooms.

  64. Post signage promoting physical distancing upon entry.

  65. Provide one or more means of exiting the premises.

  66. In the event of unexpected rainfall, dine in will not be offered and we will provide takeout containers so that you may take your food home with you. 

  67. In the event of rain for the day, reservation holders will be notified, and the booking will be canceled.

  68. We will offer accommodation to residents of the following countries: Canada

  69. The hotel policy allows for singles, couples, and family travel (with up to two rooms if required) only. 

  70. Inside dining (authorized in our region after June 17th) will follow all of the same protocols as outdoor dining as well as

    1. Individually wrapped fabric chair coverings to be replaced for every guest

    2. Dining table covering consisting of kraft paper to be replaced with a new one for every booking


For official information on the excellent work that our local, provincial and federal government are doing please see:




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