Exclusive Property Takeover

We offer our wedding services to groups ranging in size from thirty to ninety guests and a number of weddings at The Woodlawn Inn include live entertainment and or dancing. If dancing is a part of your wedding plans we can provide an exclusive use of The Woodlawn Inn to your guests only. If your event does not include a dance a property takeover is not required, and there are no minimum guest room rental requirements. If you have questions, please contact The Woodlawn Inn's wedding director, Marisa Della Casa.


To enjoy exclusive use of The Woodlawn Inn, we require the following:


High Season Exclusive Property Takeover
From June 1st to October 31st and December 1st to 23rd we require a minimum group size of sixty adult guests and the rental of fourteen guest rooms in the main building.


Low Season Exclusive Property Takeover
From November 1st to 31st and January 2nd to May 31st we require a minimum of forty adult guests and the rental of ten guest rooms in the main building.

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