Housekeeping Services

During the Covid-19 pandemic, please know that your room will be carefully cleaned prior to your arrival. As a safety measure, we will not be entering your room to provide housekeeping services. For example, making your bed and tidying your bathroom facilities. To order fresh towels, please notify us before 9:00 PM, and we will provide them for you outside of your guest room door. Also, we will remove waste and your used towels. Please leave waste and recycling in their containers  and place them outside of your guest room.  Please place towels in the white plastic bag and leave them outside of your door. 


  • We will not enter your guest room while you are checked in

  • If you are staying more than one day, please request fresh towels before noon, Dial 0 for reception desk. 

  • Please place used waste/recycling items outside your door, in the bag or container provided

Send any inquiries to